Do I need a visa/passport to enter Panama?
The answer to this question depends on your nationality. US citizens can enter the country with just a passport (with 6 month validity). Panama no longer uses the tourist card. Before exiting the airport you will need to go through immigration. Here they will ask you a few questions and stamp your passport with the date of entry. That stamp is very important, always be sure that whether you enter by bus or plane you have the date of entry stamped into your passport to avoid problems later with immigration officials.
To check the entry rules regarding your country please get in touch with your local state travel department or embassy. Again it’s very important to be aware of immigration rules of the country when you are traveling. Especially in Panama where at any time they can ask to see a copy of your passport to verify your legal status in the country.

How long can I stay in Panama as a tourist?
The answer to this question depends on your nationality or the origin country of your passport , between 3 -6 months . For United States citizens you are granted 90 days in Panama. After 90 days you must exit the country or you will be charged $50 per month. If you do pass 90 days, even by a few hours or one day, you need to go to the immigration office in Panama City and pay the fine. Once you have paid the fine you have 8 days to leave the country.
If you want to stay in Panama longer than 90 days then you need to break up your trip into parts and be sure to exit/re-enter before your 90 days are up.In order to find out the rules regarding your country please check with your local state travel department or the embassy. It’s important to understand the rules regarding your visit in Panama to avoid any inconveniences later on.

Since fall 2010, Europeans are allowed to stay in Panama as a tourist for up to 180 days but not every Panamanian embassy, consulate or airline check-in counter staff member knows this.  We recommend you plan for 90 days.

Once you are in Panama you need to maintain on you at all times a copy of your passport, more specifically the page with your photo and the page with the date of entry stamp. Police and immigration officials can stop you at any time and ask to see your identification documents. We can make copies of these pages for you once you arrive. If a policeman stops you and says you must have the original and that the copy is unacceptable he/she is probably looking for a bribe, just show him the copy and pretend you don’t understand, eventually he/she will give up.

What’s the latest check-in time?
While the official check-in time is 3pm- 7 pm we understand this may not always be possible or practical so rest assured you can arrive at any time of the night, even with the 1:30 am. Spirit flights. However we strongly recommend arranging your airport pickup with us. If not please find the appropriate directions on our website.

What’s check-out time?
Check-out time is 11AM. If you would like a late check-out please let our staff know ahead of time so they can check the possibility of doing so. Checking out late without prior notice can result in a $25 charge so again please advise us beforehand.

Can you arrange airport-pickup?
Yes we can!   At any time.  An airport pickup from Tocumen International for up to 2 persons is USD 35 additional is $10.00 per person . You can add this service to your booking when you make the reservation or contact us directly at

Please note that we are a small, low-profile business.  Few people know the location of the Balboa Inn as we are tucked away in a residential area so asking directions, especially late at night, may not be very helpful.  Our numbers phone: 314-1520 / 6618-4414.

Where can I park my car? Is it safe?
You can park your car in front of the Balboa Inn. We have space for up to 3 cars. To date, this has proven to be more than enough.  It ‘s totally safe.  Of course, it’s never a good idea to leave valuables and important documents in a car.