Location & Neighborhood

How close are you to the airport?
We’re a 5-minute ride from the Albrook (Marcos Gelabert- PAC) airport that handles all domestic flights and a 25-45 minute ride from the international airport Tocumen (PTY)

Are there restaurants and stores nearby?
In the area of Balboa there are quite a few restaurants and stores, not to mention a laundromat, post office, and a few ATMs.

And if you just want to pick up a snacks and maybe a six pack of the local beer (of course we recommend “Balboa” beer) there is a nearby  (mini-market)  that has a variety of food snacks, beverages,  liquor , wine and a small delicatessen  . If you want to stock up on more food for perhaps a long drive or a weekend trip we recommend a visit to the nearby Rey (5 minute drive) before heading out.

Also like we mentioned there are a few ATMs (HSBC Bank, Caja de Ahorros, Banistmo,etc) and the post office (Correos) if you need to buy stamps or drop off some postcards. If you need to do some laundry there is a laundromat a 10 minute walk from the inn where you can leave your clothes in the morning and pick them up the same afternoon.

Last but definitely not least there is the nearby Mercado de Artesania. It is a short 15 minute walk and has all the artesania you can find in Panama at decent prices.